“The heart of a flower with three petals.” Foster & Partners.

Portia is a winery designed by the famous and prestigious architectural studio Foster & Partners. A spectacular architectural project; a symbol of modernity and the future. A three-pointed star in the heart of Ribera del Duero.

Light, matter and soul; an architectural icon in the world of wine. Employing steel, wood, concrete and glass, its design combines the balance of materials and forms, of architecture and landscape, of earth and sky. Bodegas Portia, a symbol and a certainty.

Inaugurated in October 2010, its creation was a slow process materialising an idea, placing a foundation so it would hold itself in the air. Here, a shelter, a habitat and the anteroom of wines produced therein emerge from the ground. Its impressive aspect and architecture perfectly match the character and personality of its wines, made in a modern style, powerful, rich and elegant.


BRC Certificate 2010:0036 IFS Certificate 2010:0054

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