Portia Summa 2015


Portia Summa 2015 is singled out as a Revelation Wine, ranking top among its Spanish peers

Tuesday, May 21th 2019
Portia Summa 2015Portia Summa 2015Portia Summa 2015

Wines with a Ribera del Duero D.O. achieved high recognition at the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles”, winning a total of 94 medals.

Bodegas Portia continues to reap new successes with its wines, the latest instance being at the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles”, held in Aigle, Switzerland, a contest now in its 20th year. The scores were based on blind tastings, taking strict precautions to make sure that the panel of judges could not identify the labels or the specific characteristics of each wine or winery.

Portia Summa 2015 was singled out as Spain’s 2019 Revelation Wine, a category that pays tribute to the wine awarded the highest score by the panel of over 300 international connoisseurs, including specialist journalists, wine experts, international buyers, researchers and representatives of professional bodies. 

A total of over 9000 wines from all five continents were judged. Spain stood out particularly in terms of prizes, with the Ribera del Duero D.O. leading the field and winning 4 medals in the Grand Gold Medal category (including Portia Summa 2015) in addition to 52 Gold and 38 Silver Medals.

Portia Summa 2015

Raúl Quemada, Bodegas Portia’s wine expert, has worked on this 100% Tempranillo wine, 2850 bottles of which were produced from the 2015 harvest. To quote him, “Portia Summa is the maximum expression of our winery’s ancient vineyard, where we work the land as we choose, using all our expertise and care and attention, granting the land its every little whim. The grapes are harvested in small boxes and new 400-litre fermentation barrels are used in a method in which the entire wine-making process takes place in the casks, helping to bring out the best of the spectacular grapes that are the starting point for our most refined wine.

With its ruby red colour, which gradually changes to maroon, this wine has an intense nose, with hints of dark chocolate, reminiscent of jam and red berries. 

Portia Summa can be paired with any roast or stewed meats or oily types of fish, and a perfect finale can be achieved by combining it with chocolate desserts.

Bodegas Portia is also triumphing in the United States

The 2019 Spanish Revelation Wine award is not the only prize that this winery has been awarded. The prestigious North-American “Wine&Spirits” (W&S) magazine has published the outcome of its latest tasting sessions, conducted under controlled blind-tasting conditions, with wines served in numbered glasses. At these sessions, three wines by Bodegas Portia, located in Gumiel de Izán in the heart of the Ribera del Duero region, scored over 90 points, a rating considered by the magazine to denote an “exceptional wine”.

More specifically, Triennia 2014 scored 92 points. Portia Prima La Encina 2016–a wine that triumphed in Asia last year at the Decanter Asia Wine contest–was awarded 90 points by W&S, which highlighted it as being “a powerfully concentrated Ribera”, while the third wine to score 90 points was Portia Crianza 2016.

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